Tuesday, October 1, 2013

What Kind of Adopter Am I?

When it comes to the technology and how relevant it is in my life, I consider myself to be in the early/late majority section. Although I consider myself on the forefront and cutting edge of technological releases, e.g. I had and was exploring iOS 7 weeks before it came out, and work in IT on campus, I do not need the latest releases of every system or phone that comes out.  Many times, the upgrades that companies make are so subtle and do not truly affect the functionality of the phone; rather, they just need to increase their revenue, and of course there will be the Apple or Microsoft groupies who have to have every single new product that rolls out.  All that matters to me is if the phone can do what I need to do at that given moment, and until it stops doing that, I have absolutely no need to upgrade or change

In regards to social media, I would consider myself a late adopter.  I used to be big on communicating through Myspace or Facebook in the early days, but it has most definitely changed over the years.  Now, I can't stand really any social media.  The only reason I don't delete my Facebook is because of the groups I am in, where important information is spread to multiple people.  Social media is taking away the personal human interactions and we now have to hide behind a screen, which is sad.