Thursday, October 3, 2013

Will our technological future be a Utopia or a Dystopia?

It is obvious to see that our future holds technological advances far beyond what our ancestors ever could have dreamed of; some of these innovations will be beneficial, and some may be harmful, while there is one overarching concern that looms over it all.

A huge issue that could present itself in the future is if our artificial intelligence can become too smart. There have been many movies portraying the future as a dismal, dark world where robots or AI take over and control human society.  The matrix is a prime example of human society being overtaken by our own creations; humans are forced into a dream-like state while robots rule the earth. 

With how quickly technology is advancing, something along these lines does not seem too far-fetched.  We already have computers that can play jeopardy, robots that can clean our house, and machines that can perform surgery.  A huge factor that would play a key role in machine takeover is if the robots can learn from experience and assess their natural surroundings.  Sure, developers can pre-program robots to do most anything, but every situation cannot be accounted for, so it seems like the robots would almost need an active conscience in order for this apocalyptic takeover to occur.

All in all, the current advance of technology is providing us with huge benefits in many industries, and making general day to day tasks much easier. As of now, it seems as if a fully automated Utopia is right around the corner, but will there ever come a time when we advance too far?


  1. I agree with your statements and like your choice of movie. well done bruh bruh

  2. In my post i talked about how we are headed towards a dystopian society, but with your examples of how advanced we have become and what computers and other forms of technology can do, I can see how a utopian society can be forming! I also like how at the end you leave interpretation of utopia/dystopia open to the readers opinion.